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Penis pump users guide 101 and bathmate routine


Getting started with Penis Pumping

When I first started pumping in the eighties, I went gun-hoe without doing much research, and ordered the largest-sized penis pump out the back pages of a Penthouse magazine. Looking back, I now see how ignorant I was, thinking I was going to grow the biggest dick by using the biggest penis pump. I pumped for many months, not seeing permanent results. Let's say my penis looked pretty impressive for a couple of hours but no permanent gains, it was all fluid retention.

After my failure, I did a lot of research, and once I finally realized what I was doing wrong and humbled myself, I bought an appropriately sized penis-pump and began seeing real permanent gains. 

Today, I have two different diameter pumps. For the first set, I start with a 2-inch diameter pump until I adequately pack it. Then I do my next sets with the 2.25-inch diameter cylinder to grow into. For those who can afford it, I strongly recommend getting two different size cylinders — one cylinder to pack adequately after a couple of sets, and one to grow in. Now, this is not a must, though I feel that taking a two-cylinder approach aids in post-workout size.

Common Penis Pump Questions Asked 


What size penis pump should I get?

Get a good quality penis pump cylinder that is adequately sized to fit your erect penis circumference and length. We suggest getting a pump cylinder that is approximately 1/4-inch larger in diameter than your erect penis circumference, and at least 2-inches longer than your erect penis length. See the sizing chart below to help you decide which size diameter is best for your penis circumference.

Full Package Cock and Balls Pumping

If you plan on doing full package pumping (balls in),  you want a pump cylinder diameter that can accommodate your penis and balls. To get this measurement, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your penis and balls together. The most popular full package pump sizes are 2.75" & 3" diameters. 

Penis Pump Sizing Chart

  • 4.75-inch erect penis girth circumference - 1.5 or 1.75-inch diameter pump
  • 5-inch erect penis girth circumference - 2-inch diameter pump cylinder
  • 6 - 6.5-inch erect penis girth circumference - 2.25-inch diameter pump cylinder
  • 7-inch erect penis girth circumference - 2.5-inch diameter pump cylinder
  • 7.5-8-inch erect penis girth circumference - 2.75-inch diameter pump cylinder
  • penis-pump-sleeve-flange

What is a penis pump cylinder flange?

Look for a pump cylinder with a flange, like the MityVac penis pump cylinders. The flange on the bottom of the pump cylinder provides extra comfort and a better seal against your pelvic area. A properly sized penis pump cylinder with a flange will help prevent your balls from sucking in the vacuum pump cylinder (an awkward feeling) along with providing an adequate vacuum to gain size.

If you don't get a pump cylinder with a flange, get a pump sleeve/comfort pad like the MitySleev to put in between the pump cylinder and your pelvic. A pump sleeve will add comfort and help create a better seal.


Do I need a penis pump vacuum gauge?

Aim for a penis pump system with a high-quality vacuum gauge on the pump gun or pump cylinder. The vacuum gauge helps monitor your pumping sessions to make sure you don't go overboard and, best of all, keeps track of your progress. This is a great feature to have if you experience fluid retention from over-pumping.

Being able to know what vacuum you're pulling and back down on the pressure next time maximizes your pumping sessions and keeps you safe. You do not want to pop a blood vessel; it will cause you downtime.

What is a quick-release trigger?

All penis pump systems should have a quick vacuum release trigger to release the vacuum pressure in the penis-pump to remove it. This is a must-have in case you run into problems.

What is the check-valve on the pump?

Get a pump cylinder that has a check valve so you can disconnect the vacuum line from the pump and retain the vacuum pressure. It is more convenient for longer sessions without having to have the pump gun attached to the pump cylinder.


Do I need a penis sleeve for pumping?

We recommend a silicone penis cap like the SiliCap or a penis sleeve like the SiliSleev to put over your penis and eliminate fluid retention (edema) while pumping. Penis sleeves apply slight compression to the penis to keep excessive fluid build-up out. This excessive fluid deforms your penis and prolongs your natural gains. If you have ever seen someone with a donut-shaped penis after pumping, this is the cause.


What is a cock ring used for?

Cock rings are also called penis rings and dick rings. A good quality cock ring like the DuroRing will help you maintain your erection and expansion after your pumping session. For convenience, many penis pumpers slide the cock ring over the bottom of the pump cylinder before pumping. After their pumping session, they quickly slip it off the pump cylinder and onto the base of the penis as they remove the pump.

Cock rings can be dangerous if not used properly. Do not wear a cock ring for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. When you remove it, jelq/massage flesh blood Into the penis for 3 minutes. You can wear the cock ring longer, as long as you remove it every 20-30 minutes to circulate blood. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WITH YOUR COCK RING ON. 

Do I need to shave before pumping?

Shave your pelvic area or cut your pelvic hairs down to maximize the vacuum seal. Pelvic hairs cause the vacuum to escape, and you may find your pump loosing vacuum due to this. Many experienced pumpers use a hair remover like Nair to eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Do I need to use lube with a penis pump?

We recommend using a water-soluble lube to seal the pump cylinder to your pelvic area. We highly recommend coconut oil because it is safe on the pump and sleeves, good for your skin, and easy to get locally. You only need a little lube to get a great seal; it goes a long way, and best of all, it's easy to clean up.
Have a small towel handy for clean up.



Water Penis Pump (hydro-pumping) vs. Vacuum Pump - Pros and Cons

Water pumping has been around before the days of Bathmate, but Bathmate has figured out a way to make it more convenient for penis pumpers. 

When you hydro pump, the penis pump cylinder is filled with warm water to relax the penis tissue and the internals, making the penis more pliable when pumping, a pliable penis tends to stretch and expand better than a cold penis, thus maximizing your sessions. Warm water is excellent for pumping but not always convenient. Water pumping usually limits your pumping sessions to the bathroom in the tub or shower to avoid a mess.

Hydro pumps by Bathmate do not have vacuum gauges, so there is no way to monitor how much vacuum pressure you are pulling. But, Bathmate penis pumps do have a limiter on how much vacuum you pull with each pump, so you're less likely to hurt yourself from overdoing it. Vacuum pressures differ from series to series and end-user.

Dry pumping with a Bathmate is not as efficient as dry pumping with a dedicated dry pump. This is due to the gator on hydro pumps having limitations. Bathmate does offer an Xtreme series that comes with a handball pump to eliminate the need to repetitively press the pump against your pelvic to create vacuum.

The MityVac and ProVac are two penis pump series that offer dry and hydro pumping with the use of a vacuum gauge. The cons to these pumps are that a water trap and pump gun are needed to hydro pump, whereas the Bathmate is self-contained. Even though you can disconnect the water trap and pump gun once you achieve the proper vacuum, it is a bit more involved.

Penis Pump Safety

Now that you know what size penis pump cylinder you need, it is time to talk about safety! Pumping can, indeed, be dangerous. However, it is also true that pumping will have dramatic positive effects on your erection quality and penis size.

A couple of things that can ruin your sex life with pumping is too much vacuum pressure and too much time in the pump without replenishing fresh blood.

To avoid erection problems, never vacuum pump above 10in-Hg and never exceed 20 minutes in the pump non-stop without a break. 10in-Hg is a highly dangerous vacuum pressure, especially for newbies, and for a lot of veterans. If you are new to pumping, don't go above 5in-Hg in the beginning. For the veterans, if you must go to 10in-Hg, I strongly recommend that you keep your sets no longer than five minutes.

This is why I recommend using a pump with a high-quality vacuum gauge to keep track of your sessions. Pumpers have different tolerances to pain, and if you are not sure what vacuum pressure you are pulling, you could risk hurting yourself. Professional penis pump systems like the MityVac and ProVac can pump up to 25in-Hg, and this is why they have a high-quality vacuum gauge.

If you pump too long or at too high of vacuum pressure, you can or will get a massive amount of blood spots, blisters, a nasty looking donut. Or, even worse, a ruptured blood vein that causes erection problems. Avoid donut swelling as much as possible, leave that up to the experienced pumpers that go to the extreme.

Always remember, low comfortable pressures, and limit continuous long duration's in the pump, do not exceed 20 minutes

Follow my recommendations, and you will never have a problem.

Penis Pump Routine

Get your penis-pump ready for use. Apply some soluble lube inside the base of the pump cylinder; this will enable an air-tight seal in the penis pump that correctly fits your size.

Next, get semi-erect or fully-erect, lube up your glans and shaft with a thin layer of lube, but not your scrotum. Insert your dick in the pump cylinder, gently press the tube against your pubic bone, and be your scrotum skin is pulled away from the pump cylinder as much as possible. Then carefully pump to the desired vacuum pressure. You don't want your testicles to get sucked up into the pump; it's not a good feeling.

If you are new to penis pumping, take it slow at first until your penis gets accustomed to the vacuum pressure.

Week One: Pump every other day for ten minutes at 3in-Hg. This will condition the dick for future pumping sessions.

Week Two: You can step it up some. Do two sets at 3in-Hg for 10 minutes every other day.

Week Three: you are ready to go to a full three-set workout at 3in-Hg every other day.

Week Four: Perform the same as week three but raise the vacuum pressure to 5in-Hg.

After week four, you should be conditioned to do pretty much what you want. Remember, remain conscience of your penis's stress tolerance and limit your sets to no more than 7in-Hg for 15-20 minutes max.

Staying hard inside the penis pump

While you are inside the penis pump, you'll want to remain erect, watching porn is a great way to do this. Also, you will want to perform Kegels and milk the vacuum cylinder up and down slightly.

Milking, for some, is the most efficient way to remain erect in the penis pump. To milk the vacuum cylinder, grip the pump-cylinder and slightly pull it away from the base of your penis. Only shift the pump-cylinder about a half-inch to an inch up the shaft. Milking the pump-cylinder causes the vacuum pressure to increase and then return to where you had a steady vacuum pressure previously. If you pull up to high or hard, two things could happen, your vacuum pressure will go up high, or you risk losing the air-tight seal.

Between sets, you want to perform your choice of manual exercises or edge. Exercising between sets will ensure that fresh blood is supplied to the penis every 10 to 15mins or so. Implementing jelqs and stretches in-between pumping sets advances the growth of your penis.

After a pumping session, you will notice that you will have a thicker hang and fuller penis throughout the day. In time, you will see that your flaccid penis is now feeling heavier, feeling thicker and looking longer. This applies to edging between your sets. You will feel a noticeable difference in your erection.


To sum it all up, productive penis pumping sessions should entail the following.

  1. Safety, Safety, Safety did I say Safety?
  2. The correct penis pump cylinder size(s).
  3. Maintain an erection/semi-erection for the duration of the workout.
  4. Proper execution
  5. Circulating fresh supply of blood to the penis every 10 to 20mins.

If you have questions, you can always email one of us: support @ mattersofsize.


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