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After fifteen years of research testing hundreds of sleeves with the top practitioners and pioneers of penis enlargement, MOS is proud to announce the SiliSleev and SiliCap.

NEW! 8.25" (21cm) Long SiliCap2

Our new 8.25" (21cm) SiliCap2 is the perfect choice for penis pumpers to prevent fluid retention in the penis and glans. 

Our long 
unique SiliCap2 is soft but strong and injection molded with no seams. With our new formulation, the SiliCap2 can stretch up to four times the original size. You can cut to size or cut down into a glans cap and SiliSleeve for pumping, anti-turtling, grip and protection when using penis enlargement tools.

To order yours, use the drop down menu.

SiliSleevs are used for multiple purposes including penis compression during penis pumping sessions to eliminate fluid retention build up in the penis that causes the unwanted baseball bat and donut deformation. They also add an additional level of grip, comfort and protection when using penis extenders and penis hangers. SiliSleevs do a great job at desensitizing the penis when using penis enlargement equipment.

But thats only the beginning of the benefits..

The importance of staying in an extended state after penis enlargement exercise is something people often miss to cement penis size gains.

Many people work out daily stretching their penis manually or with tools and wonder why they don't gain. Yeah, you worked out great for 30 minutes but then your penis retracts to it's normal turtled state and then heals in that retracted state.

What if your penis tissue could heal in the extended state? Imagine you can perform a session and keep your penis in that extended state throughout the day after your session? Plastic surgeons practice this all the time with skin graphing and it's a proven medical procedure by expanding the the patients tissue for weeks to permanently stretch it. So why not do this for your penis?

If your tissue heals in an extended state, you just added more tissue to your penis. The gains will come quickly, it's that simple.

Just released: New SiliSleev Duros (DuroSleevs) which are formulated with a harder grade silicone for intense stretching and hanging.

Our SiliCaps can be used for compressing the penis glans during penis pumping sessions to eliminate expansion from fluid retention buildup.

SiliSleevs are also used as an additional wrapping method for gripping and comfort while protecting the penis with Penis Extenders, Penis Hangers, the LengthMaster and other various penis enlargement tools.

The SiliSleev was engineered to a specific medical grade hypoallergenic silicone formula with top lab technicians to stretch over five times the original size without breakage.


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How to measure for your SIliSleev

Measure your Stretched Flaccid Penis Girth
Measure your stretched flaccid penis circumference at the thickest part of your mid shaft.
If your stretched flaccid girth circumference is 3" or below, order the .75"
If your stretched flaccid girth is 3" or over, order the 1"

Measure your Stretched Flaccid Penis Length
Stretch your flaccid penis and measure from your pelvic bone to below your glans. Order the closest length that is right above your flaccid stretched length.


What does the SiliSleev do?

SiliSleevs have multiple uses for penis enlargement and tissue healing.

1) Use SiliSleevs to cement penis gains after exercise by keeping the penis in a extended state as your tissue heals.

2) Use SiliSleevs to reduce fluid retention and bruising while using vacuum or hydro penis pumps . Fluid retention causes un-wanted deformities of the penis such as a donut effectand the SiliSleev applies even pressure across the entire shaft.

3) Use SiliSleevs as a gripping wrap to protect and de-sensitize the penis while using exercise devices such as penis extenders, penis hangers, vacuum belt extenders the lengthMaster , etc.

Can I use SiliSleev for manual penis stretching?
Yes, they can be used for manual stretching for better grip and reduce sensitivity to the penis.

Can I use SiliSleev for penis jelqing?
SiliSleeves can be used with water-based lube to reduce wear on hands and penis as it slides up and down the shaft during jelqing sessions. With the addition of a SiliRing or DuroRing, blood will remain trapped in the penis for girth expansion.

Do I need additional wraps when using the SiliSleev as a wrap?
In most cases the SiliSleev can be used as a stand alone wrapping method.

What is the SiliCap and when should I use it?
The SiliCap is used to protect and compress the head of your penis while vacuum pumping with vacuum extenders and penis pumps. The SiliCap should only be used for exercise sessions, not as an all day cap.

What size is the SiliCap?
22mm diameter x 60mm length (one size fits all) in most case

What size SiliSleev do I need?
The SiliSleev currently comes in four different sizes.

The regular SiliSleev 85s are 3.3"(85mm) long and are intended to be used with exercise devices such as penis traction stretchers, penis hangers , vacuum belt extenders but can also be used for manual stretching.

The longer SiliSleeve 145s are 5.75"(145mm) long are are intended to be used for cementing penis gains and penis pumping but can also be used for everything else when it comes to exercise devices or manual stretching and jelqing.

Both the SiliSleevs 85 and 145 come in two diameters, 0.75"(20mm) & 1"(25mm).

The 0.75"(20mm) diameter is for a penis with a flaccid girth of 4”(100mm) and under.

The 1”(27mm) diameter is for a penis with a flaccid girth of 4”(100mm) and larger.

However, the smaller diameter SiliSleev stretches up to five times its size, so it can accommodate larger girths as well but will be tighter.

What side does the ridge (thicker end) go on?
When using the SiliSleev to cement gains, the ridge of the SiliSleev should point towards the tip of your penis below the head. The same goes for penis traction extenders (vacuumas well). The ridge acts as a gripping point to lock theSiliSleev to the extender strap .

When using SiliSleevs with our MityVac HydroVac penis pumps , the ridge goes towards the bottom of your penis to lock the silisleev into the pump sleeve to create a seal.

Do I wear the SiliSleev and SiliCap together?
Yes, it is recommended that you wear them both when you are vacuum pumping with extenders or penis pumps (dry or hydro ).

How long do I wear the SiliSleev?
As long as you want, depends on you.

Does the SiliSleev stop circulation to the penis?
No. The SiliSleev is very playable like a condom and will not cause any discomfort.

Can I wear the SiliSleev to sleep and to work?
Yes and Yes. The SiliSleev was designed so you can wear as an all-day/all-night stretcher.

Can I use lube with the SiliSleev?
Not while stretching , only use lube when jelqing . Lube will cause the SiliSleev to slip off when stretching . Before stretching with the SiliSleev , make sure your penis is completely clean and dry before your stretch session. You can also use rubbing alcohol on your penis to clean for extra grip. A little gripping powder will help as well but not required.

Does gripping Powder help or hurt the SiliSleev?
Gripping powder may be used as additional gripping as well but not required.

How do you clean the SiliSleev?
A gentle dish detergent works best such as Ivory or Dawn.

How do you store the SiliSleev when not in use?
Get a zip-lock plastic bag, add some talcum powder and they will stay fresh forever.

How do I put the SiliSleev on and take it off?
Roll it up like a condom , stretch over the tip of your penis, and then unroll while you are stretching your penis in a flaccid state or erect state.

Does the SiliSleev work for uncircumcised penises?
It is suitable for both uncut and cut guys. Uncut penis, pull the foreskin back and apply.

What is the SiliSleev made of?
A hypoallergenic silicone formula

Is the SiliSleev sticky?

Is the SiliSleev durable?
Yes, it is very durable and should last a long time if you properly take care of it. They do not tear easily.

How does the SiliSleev compare to the Phallosan condom/sleeve?
The SiliSleev is much more durable and elastic and will last much longer.

How much does the SiliSleev stretch?
They stretch up to five times its original size.

Can I mix and match SIliSleev sizes?
Yes. SiliSleevs can be purchased individually or in sets.

Is the SiliSleev packaging discrete?
Yes. They ship in a plain white bubble wrap envelope with the return address saying PPC Corp.

Is the SiliSleev covered under the MOS Lifetime warranty?

The SiliSleevs and SiliCaps are sold individually and as sets.

Please use the drop down menu below to choose a SiliSleev set or individual SiliSleevs.

The Standard SiliSleev Set ($29.95) Includes
One 0.75"(20mm) Wide x 3.3"(85mm) Long SiliSleev
One 1"(25mm) Wide x 3.3"(85mm) Long SiliSleev
One 0.85"(22mm) Wide x 2.35"(60mm) Long SiliCap

The Long SiliSleev Set ($39.95) Includes
One 0.75"(20mm) Wide x 5.75"(145mm) Long SiliSleev
One  1"(25mm) Wide x 5.75"(145mm) Long SiliSleev
One .85"(22mm) Wide x 2.35"(60mm) SiliCap

Standard SiliSleevs Internal Dimensions
0.75"(20mm) x 3.3"(85mm)
1"(25mm) x 3.3"(85mm)

Long SiliSleevs 145 Internal Dimensions
0.75"(20mm) x 5.75"(145mm) 
1"(25mm) x 5.75"(145mm)

SiliCap Internal Dimensions
0.85"(22mm) x 2.35"(60mm)

Order 6 of any SiliSleev or SiliCap and save 20%

Use Discount Code BULK20 at Checkout
Order 12 or any SiliSleev or SiliCap and save 25%
Use Discount Code BULK25 at Checkout

Just released: New SiliSleev Duros (DuroSleevs) which are formulated with a harder grade silicone for intense stretching and hanging.

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