SiliStretcher All Day Penis Vacuum Stretcher and Weight Hanger



With over 15 years of research and development, MOS is proud to bring you our stealth SiliStretcher for all day penis stretching and weight hanging to increase penis size.

The SiliStretcher is the first ever robust piston vacuum system for all day penis stretching (ADS) and penis weight hanging to safely and effectively add length to your penis. The SiliStretcher effortlessly stretches your penis tissue and ligs and then allows you to heal in that extended state to gain penis length. The SiliStretcher is self contained and requires no external pumps or attachments. 

The SiliStretcher can be worn as a six way all day stretcher in stealth mode under your clothes while you are at work or out running around.  When you are at home, you can use the SiliStretcher for your weight hanging sessions.

The piston vacuum and SiliSleev/SiliCap combination provides the ultimate in comfort with no blistering or fatigue as in standard vacuum hangers and ADS systems. The silistretcher comes with a lifetime warranty from MOS even if you break it (which is nearly impossible).

We include an adjustable ADS belt for side stretching on the waist and down stretching on the legs.

We highly recommend MOSGrip to maximize your penis stretching sessions. MOSGrip eliminates natural oils from your skin and creates a tack for maximum grip.

Included with the SiliStretcher

  • 2.5 lb. (1.3kg) starter weight set and hanging arbor
  • All-Day-Stretching belt for six-way stretching
  • Four SiliSleeves (Two Long and Two Short) and one SiliCap
  • Discrete carrying bag
  • Lifetime warranty (even if you drop and break it)


The SiliStretcher is used for flaccid stretching and hanging.

The national average flaccid penis girth is 3.66” (93mm) circumference which equates to a 1.1" (28mm) diameter.

Our medium 1.5" (38mm) diameter SiliStretcher will work for most men. If you have an abnormally small or abnormally large circumference flaccid girth, please contact us for an alternate size SIliStretcher.

To get the proper circumference measurement for sizing your SiliStretcher,
use a measuring tape and wrap it around the thickest part of your glans in flaccid state.

For flaccid circumference girth up to 4.75" (120mm)
Order the 1.5" (38mm) Diameter SiliStretcher

Optional sizes upon special request



How to use

  1. Apply a SiliCap to the head of your penis to prevent fluid retention and reduce sensitivity
  2. Roll the SiliSleev back over the SiliStretcher
  3. Put the head of your penis into the SiliStretcher
  4. Unroll the SiliSleeve over the shaft of your penis
  5. Turn the SiliStretcher vacuum piston knob a couple of full twists counter-clockwise. Your penis will be safely and pulled and secured into the SiliStretcher.
  6. Attach to the ADS belt or hanger.
  7. Adjust tension or weight to begin session.

To release vacuum, give the SiliStretcher vacuum piston knob a couple twists clockwise.

For the most effective sessions with the SiliStretchers and SiliSleevs, follow this guide below.

Make sure your entire penis is shaved clean of hairs
Hairs will create loss of suction with SiliSleevs and the SiliStretcher .

Make sure your penis is clean, dry and free of oil
If you put lotion on your skin, this will cause loss of grip . Your skin also has a natural oil that can cause loss of grip. Sweat causes loss of grip. We strongly recommend cleaning and drying your penis then using MOSGrip to remove all the natural oils of your skin and create a tack for maximum grip. MOSGrip also helps eliminate sweat under the SIliSleev .

Make sure your SiliSleevs are clean, dried and powdered with MOSGrip
Dirty oily SiliSleevs with pubic hairs in them will cause loss of suction/vacuum /grip . You want to clean your SiliSleevs before each use

Make sure you do not have a pin hole in your SiliSleev from excessive use
Pinholes are easiest to find if you blow up the SiliSleev with a little air from your mouth. Don't blow them up In a big balloon. Pin holes are like a slow leak in a tire. 

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Note: We custom handcraft each SiliStretcher in house, please allow two business days for processing and coupon discounts do not work on this product due to it being an introductory price.

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