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What is the average penis size?


What is the average penis size?

If you are anything like me, the phrase "average penis size" can mean many different things, leaving you feeling confused about the definitive answer. Browsing the internet will make things even more confusing due to the numerous surveys and studies conducted around this topic. I researched every conceivable study the internet has, and picked two studies I felt to be most accurate out of the vast collection of sites.

The Kinsey study on average penis size

The Kinsey study is one of the largest and most popular penis size studies ever done. It was conducted in 1948 and involved 3,500 college males. I thought this to be a great study with some minor flaws. One being, most of the men in the study were white; this is a problem because it leaves doubts about race cross-sections.

The other being the method of measurement, the subject held a white card against their penis and marked their length on the card, which was later measured. Even though this was medically monitored, it leaves a large area of error. The Kinsey study concluded the average erect penis length was 6.21-inches, and the average erect penis girth was 4.85-inches. The average flaccid penis length was found to be 3.89-inches and flaccid penis girth 3.75 inches on average.

Other penis size studies

Other studies fall short of ethical standards because of the method of measurement was usually done unassisted by the subject. These studies have such a broad element of error that concluded this would be wrong.

Men are generally not honest in these situations due to inconclusive studies that have spawned unconfirmed rumors of average penis size. When asked what they believed what the average penis size is, men would say around 6.5-inches. So when measuring the penis, most men will stretch the truth above this point to avoid embarrassment. Statistical surveys and self-perception questionnaires have caused more confusion.

Based on the evidence, the answer confirmed is still a cloudy 6 to 6.5 inches. I figured this was not true and the wrong size for science to conclude, so I continued to search.

Lifestyles condoms penis study

The one study I did like, like most people, is Lifestyles Condoms. I think it left the smallest amount of error. In Spring 2001 in Cancun, Mexico, Lifestyles gathered a total of 301 male volunteers over 18 years old. Each subject was measured by a researcher, which eliminated the cheating factor.

The results of the Lifestyles survey found that the average penis erect length is 5.87-inches, and erect penis girth is 4.97-inches. Also, according to the study, 54% of subjects measured between 5.5-inches and 6.3-inches in erect penis length, with 53.3% measuring between 4.72-inches and 5.11-inches in erect penis girth. I liked everything in this study, but the number of subjects and the race and penis size inconsistencies.

The conclusion

In my opinion, considering all of the information above, I would conclude that the average erect penis measurements were closer to 5.5-inches than what men previously believed at 6.5-inches in length. As far as girth is concerned, 5-inches is what I believe to be the average. These may be my opinions, but just to let you know, I have thoroughly studied all surveys of validity and found these numbers to be most unbiased.

I think that whether we are above, below, or right in the middle of what average penis size is, this now gives us a better game plan when knowing the actual average penis size is. 

For the men who feel their 5.5-inch penis is small, this new information becomes very relative to them. For the other men that fall short of this number, it gives them a solid, realistic goal to achieve. For the men who fall above this number, it gives the added confidence
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