SizeDoctor GameChanger

$274.95 $369.95

An MOS Game Changer! An MOS exclusive SizeDoctor modified into a full blown hanger with the highest ever tension traction device and All Day Stretcher (ADS) all built into one unprecedented unit!

  • Hanger attachment (tested up to 50lbs)
  • Belt attachment for all day stretching
  • Mini plates weight set (optional)
  • Highest tension traction springs (up to 5800g)
  • Two inch wide base for comfort
  • Extension rods up to eleven inches
  • Locking SiliSleev set for no slippage and cementing length gains
  • SiliRing set for cementing penis girth expansion
  • Discrete hardshell carry case
  • Lifetime warranty (even if you break it)
Tested up to 50lbs (22.5kg) to hang weights and traction tension up to 5800 grams!

We customize each GameChanger in house, please allow two to three business days for customizing.