SiliStretcher-2 All Day Penis Vacuum Stretcher and Weight Hanger



We have performed some major upgrades to the original SiliStretcher based on feedback by all the current SiliStretchers users making the best ADS /Hanger combo even better!

New features

  • Reduction to the overall length for stealth and strength
  • A new thicker acrylic formula for strength
  • New long lasting SiliSleev Duros (DuroSleevs) to intensify your stretches
  • Improved vacuum piston system for grip
  • New deeper SiliPads to control fluid retention
  • DuroBand to add a layer of protection around the SiliStretcher rim
  • New additional 1.25" (3.2mm) diameter available

The new vacuum piston knob is half the size of the original coming in at 1" (25mm) long. This cuts down the overall length of the SiliStretcher to make it even more stealth and reduce friction on the handle and acrylic bell when hanging heavy weight and intense stretching. This new improvement also helps eliminate kinking when side stretching.

Our new thicker acrylic formula system improves overall strength to the acrylic vacuum bell to eliminate hairlines that occasionally happened under extreme tension with the original SiliStretcher .

Our new semi transparent SiliSleev Duros (DuroSleevs ) will not only last much longer than the original SiliSleevs but intensify your stretching and hanging sessions while allowing you to monitor your penis. SiliStretcher users are effectively hanging up to 20lbs with the SiliStretcher2 and DuroSleevs combination.

The new piston system is now set to where the piston travels half the vacuum bell to allow you to insert your penis into the bell, then apply vacuum for more security and control.

We've added a DuroBand to provide an extra layer of protection around the SiliStretcher rim where the SiliSleevDuro attaches. You simply slide the DuroBand over the SiliSleev at the base of the SIliStretcher . This great addition eliminates wear to the SiliSleev when wearing under jeans and rubbing against the SiliSleev increasing the life of your SiliSleevs & DuroSleevs.

We've added a new 1.25" (3.2cm) diameter SiliStretcher which is the sweet spot for men that don't fully fit in the 1.5" (3.8cm) version. This new 1.25" (3.2cm) version will be the perfect fit for most men.

About the Original SiliStretcher
With over 16 years of research and development, MOS is proud to bring you our stealth SiliStretcher2 for eight-way all day penis stretching and weight hanging to permanently increase penis size.

Previous SiliStretcher Video

The SiliStretcher is the first ever robust piston vacuum system for all day penis stretching (ADS) and penis weight hanging to comfortably and effectively add length and girth to your penis.

The SiliStretcher effortlessly stretches your penis tissue and ligament and then allows you to heal in that extended state to gain permanent penis length and girth as tissue heals. The SiliStretcher is self contained and requires no external pumps or attachments. 

Dubbed as "The Most Comfortable ADS in the World", the SiliStretcher can be comfortably worn all day for many hours as an eight way all day stretcher in stealth mode under your clothes. Many users wear it while they are at work, bike riding, working out or just out running around.  It is very stealth and wont slip off, even when sweating!

SiliStrap Adds three more stretch positions with the SiliStrecher.

When you are at home, you can use the SiliStretcher for weight hanging sessions with the supplied weights that come with your SIliStretcher. There are some really great weight hanging routines in our free forums at

The piston vacuum and SiliSleev/SiliCap combination provides the ultimate in comfort with no blistering such as associated with standard hangers and ADS systems.

The SiliStretcher is the only all day stretcher that offers eight stretching positions to work the penis ligaments. The included adjustable ADS belt gives you left and right side waist stretching and downward left and right leg stretching.

The included SiliStrap gives you upward left, right, center stretching and downward between the cheeks stretching for intense penis ligament stretching.

We also include MOSGrip to maximize your penis stretching sessions. MOSGrip eliminates natural oils from your skin and creates a tack for maximum grip.

Update: All SiliStretchers now ship with the new improved semi-transparent SiliSleev DUROs (DuroSleevs).

Included with the SiliStretcher

  • All-Day-Stretching belt for five way stretching.
  • SiliStrap for three additional upward stretches.
  • Two and a half pound weight set and hanger.
  • Three SiliSleev DURO (DuroSleevs) - One 19x104mm, One 19x145mm & One 25x145mm.
  • One SiliCap to add comfort and reduce fluid retention.
  • Three SiliPads - Silicone and Two Gel Pads.
  • MOSGrip gripping powder.
  • Silicone lube for maintenance.
  • Discrete carrying bag.*
  • User manual
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.

All USA orders come standard with a Free 2.5 lb. (1.3kg) starter weight set and hanging arbor. International orders do not automatically include weights to save shipping costs. If weights are required, choose the option below from the drop down menu below.

The SiliStretcher is used for flaccid stretching and hanging.

The national average flaccid penis girth is 3.66” (93mm) circumference which equates to a 1.1" (28mm) diameter.

The starting size SiliStretcher2 internal diameter is 1.25" (3.2cm) and will work for most mens flaccid girth up to 4" (10cm) circumference based on 20 years of research.  Our 1.5" (3.8cm) diameter SiliStretcher2 will accommodate flaccid girths larger than a 4" (10cm) circumference. For extremely large flaccid girths, we offer a 2" (5cm) diameter version. 

To get the proper circumference measurement for sizing your SiliStretcher, use a measuring tape and wrap it around the thickest part of your glans in flaccid state.

For flaccid circumference girth up to 3.5" (89mm) 
Order the 1.25" (3.2cm) Diameter SiliStretcher2

For flaccid circumference girth up to 6" (152mm) 
Order the 1.5" (3.8cm) Diameter SiliStretcher2

For flaccid circumference girth over 6" (152mm) Order the 2" (5cm) Diameter SiliStretcher2

NEW Growth Packages! Want to prepare for growth and save now? These are great packages for guys that pump for girth and need room to expand. Select one of the three Growth Packages from the drop down menu above the "Add to Cart" button.

1.25" & 1.5" SiliStretcher2 combo 
1.5" & 2" SiliStretcher2 combo 
1.25", 1.5" & 2" Triple Growth SiliStretcher2 combo

How to use

  1. Apply MOSGrip powder to your penis
  2. Apply the SiliCap to the head of your penis to prevent fluid retention, blistering, bruising and reduce sensitivity.
  3. Roll the DuroSleev back over the SiliStretcher2
  4. Put the head of your penis into the SiliStretcher2
  5. Unroll the SiliSleeve over the shaft of your penis
  6. Turn the SiliStretcher2 vacuum piston knob a half twist counter-clockwise. One half turn of the vacuum piston knob is 5 Hg vacuum. Your penis will be safely pulled and secured into the SiliStretcher2.
  7. Attach to the ADS belt or hanger.
  8. Adjust tension or weight to begin session.

To release vacuum, give the SiliStretcher2 vacuum piston knob a twist in the opposite direction.

For the most effective sessions with the SiliStretcher2 and DuroSleevs, follow this guide below.

Make sure your entire penis shaft is shaved clean of hairs
Hairs will create loss of suction with DuroSleevs and the SiliStretcher2 .

Make sure your penis is clean, dry and free of oil
If you put lotion on your skin, this will cause loss of grip . Your skin also has a natural oil that can cause loss of grip. Sweat causes loss of grip. We strongly recommend cleaning and drying your penis then using MOSGrip to remove all the natural oils of your skin and create a tack for maximum grip. MOSGrip also helps eliminate sweat under the DuroSleev .

Make sure your DuroSleevs are clean, dried and powdered with MOSGrip
Dirty, oily DuroSleevs with pubic hairs in them will cause loss of suction/vacuum/grip. You want to clean your DuroSleevs before each use.

Make sure you do not have a pin hole in your DuroSleev from excessive use
Pinholes are easiest to find if you blow up the DuroSleev if you stretch them in front of a bright light. Pin holes are like a slow leak in a tire. 

To increase the life of your DuroSleev, remove the DuroSleev from the SIliStretcher2 when not in use. This will prevent them from stretching out over time.


SiliScale Inline digital scale to monitor stretch tension.


SiliStretcher2 User Manual

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*Carry bag style may vary.

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