SiliRings Cock Rings for Penis Expansion



Maintaining penis expansion is essential to gain penis girth. The SiliRing maximizes penis expansion by trapping blood inside your penis to keep your penis expanded after exercise. This is a standard practice that is performed by penis pumpers to maintain full expansion as tissue heals to cement maximum girth gains.

Unlike conventional cock rings, the SiliRings have comfortable gripping handles for easy application and removal from the penis. SiliRings can be used at the base of your penis in front of your balls or behind your balls. SiliRings can also be used to trap blood in the head of your penis to achieve the mushroom head effect.

SiliRings are a lab formulated silicon that stretches up to five times the original size and are designed to last a long time.

Our SiliRing penis ring pack comes with two 15mm and two 20mm SiliRings that will accommodate any penis girth from 15mm up to 100mm in diameter.

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