The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement
The Ultimate Guide to Male EnhancementThe Ultimate Guide to Male EnhancementThe Ultimate Guide to Male EnhancementThe Ultimate Guide to Male EnhancementThe Ultimate Guide to Male EnhancementThe Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement
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If you want to learn how to increase your penis size, improve erection quality, build stamina, correct Peyronies disease, or even use penis enlargement tools, this is the best male enhancement paper back book we've seen throughout the past 20-years.



If you want to learn how to increase your penis size, improve erection quality, build stamina, correct Peyronies disease, or even use penis enlargement tools, this is the best book we've seen throughout the past 20-years.

The common issue we continuously see from people practicing male enhancement exercises is, they are doing them wrong. What's the point of dedicating countless hours into a routine and not seeing results?

Penis exercising is complicated. Many men do it incorrectly, getting slow results or worse, injuries. AJ Alfaro walks you though you the techniques to safely get the results you want, including how to properly perform penis exercises like jelqing, and using workout devices along with other methods (like sexual meditation).

This massive 313-page, 56-chapter mega-guide has not missed a step, outlining many proven routines along with clear, descriptive photos, diagrams, and details on how to properly perform these exercises.


  1. Show you how to safely and naturally increase your penis length and girth
  2. Teach you how to improve your sexual stamina, to last as long as you and your partner want
  3. Unveil the secret to becoming multi-orgasmic (Yes! Men can be multi-orgasmic too!)
  4. Provide you with detailed exercises, including photos, plus exercise routines to follow, for those just starting off to men who have been pursuing male enhancement for years
  5. Give you practical training advice for any exercise routine, whether that be strength training or cardio

By the end of The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement, you'll have all of the tools you need to truly maximize your sexual Health and be a master in the bedroom!


Chapter 1: A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement

Chapter 2 Why Male Enhancement and the Science Behind It

Chapter 3: Layman’s Research on the Forums

Chapter 4: The Importance of Record Keeping

Chapter 5: Stamina Work as The Core of Male Enhancement

Chapter 6: The Kegel & Its Variants

Chapter 7: The Stop and Start

Chapter 8: How to Ultimately Satisfy Your Lover Every Time

Chapter 9: Supplements, Diet & Exercise

Chapter 10: Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter 11: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative

Chapter 12: Dealing with Premature Ejaculation

Chapter 13: Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Chapter 14: Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Chapter 15: The Opposite of Premature Ejaculation: Delayed Ejaculation

Chapter 16: Do You Need Penis Enlargement?

Chapter 17: Getting Started (Basics)

Chapter 18: Charting Your Length, Girth, and Volume Gains

Chapter 19: Basic Training

Chapter 20: Beginner/Intermediate Exercise

Chapter 21: Essential Male Enhancement Oil

Chapter 22: Intermediate ExercisesChapter

23: Intermediate RoutinesChapter

24: Advanced Exercises (Length)

Chapter 25: Advanced Exercises (Girth)

Chapter 26: Advanced Routines

Chapter 27: Advanced Concepts

Chapter 28: High Volume Training

Chapter 29: Very Advanced/Risky Training Methods

Chapter 30: Rest and Overtraining

Chapter 31: Hard Gainers

Chapter 32: Dealing with Peyronie’s and Penile Curvature

Chapter 33: How to Use Exercises to Fix the Curve

Chapter 34: The Erect Bending Exercise

Chapter 35: Other Anomalies

Chapter 36: Injuries

Chapter 37: Tips and Notes for Advanced Trainees

Chapter 38: Hangers, Extenders, Pumps & Other Devices with Routines

Chapter 39: Phallosan® forte Protocol Training Regimen

Chapter 40: Miscellaneous DIY Devices

Chapter 41: Passive and Creative Methods of Enlargement

Chapter 42: How to Be a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Chapter 43: Maintaining a Sexually-Confident Lifestyle

Chapter 44: That Which Cannot Be Measured

Chapter 45: Popular Male Enhancement Acronyms & Terms

Chapter 46: Relevant Anatomy

Chapter 47: Summaries on Fitness and Nutrition

Chapter 48: Summaries on Advanced Training Tips and Viewpoints

Chapter 49: Bodyweight Only Training Exercises for Mass and Strength

Chapter 50: The Distilled RoutineChapter 51: The Zen of PE

Chapter 52: The Precise Mechanism of the PE Response Through Manual Exercise

Chapter 53: BIB Hanger Key Points of Focus Not to Miss!

Chapter 54: Supra Phallus Pump Protocol: The Big Gainers Routine

Chapter 55: A Technological Advance in Hanging

Chapter 56: How to Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally


AJ, "Big Al" Alfaro is a recognized leader in the male enhancement industry. Over the last two decades, he's helped thousands of men reach their male enhancement goals. From increasing penis size to increasing sexual stamina, improving erection quality, and so much more, The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement helps men in an area that they are often most uncomfortable seeking help. 

Alfaro is the author of several books, including: For Men Only, How To Get Incredibly Huge, and Super Strong Naturally and Strength Bodybuilding.He combines his expertise in male enhancement with his long history in bodybuilding to help others get measurable results in the bedroom. 

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