Ball Stretcher (Leather) and Scrotum Sleeve

By Matters of Size


Ball Stretching / Scrotum Stretching has been practiced for many centuries to help improve stamina and create longer-hanging testicles.

There are no known risks or side effects of testicular stretching if performed under ideal conditions. There are numerous benefits if this maneuver is performed regularly; such as:

  • Improvement in the basal secretion of testosterone plays a key role in maintaining a healthy libido and optimal sexual functions

  • Enhancement of testicular size has also been observed in men who perform testicular stretching regularly

  • It also improves the circulation in the inguinal region
Ball stretching and low-hanging balls can help you stay hard for longer. This is one of the best ways to improve your stamina, without using any products, pills or other devices. While it’s not originally designed for making you stay hard for longer, this is definitely one of the most pronounced effects of ball stretching.

One of the reasons for improved stamina is that ball stretching devices put pressure on your scrotum, which trains your genitalia to respond to pressure and tightness in new ways. This will help you stay hard for longer and prolong orgasms, leading to long-lasting stamina.

Made of natural leather, this traditional ball stretcher is accented by two straps to which additional weights can be attached. Ball stretchers are designed to provide resistance as the testicles retract. You can attach weights to it or use it with our all-day stretching system and attach below the knee and adjust tension.

We include a comfortable scrotum sleeve that can be applied before attaching the ball hanger. After your ball stretching or ball hanging session, you can leave the scrotum sleeve on and wear it throughout the day to keep your balls stretched. The scrotum stretcher can be used during sex as well to prolong ejaculation by keeping constant tension on the testicles.

Adjustable from 4" - 8.5" (10-22cm) circumference, the width of the strap is 2.4" (6cm).

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