Penis Enlargement Exercise DVD by DLD

By Matters of Size


From pioneering 100's of proven natural penis enlargement methods, to his popularity in the world of penis enlargement, DLD covers all areas of natural enlargement in this Historical DVD.

DLD arranged this DVD with close attention to every possible detail to make this DVD the worlds most comprehensive penis enlargement DVD available. Featuring a 5 Phase Penis Enlargement routine, plus bonus footage and interviews with DLD.

DLD's 5 Phase Routine

Matters of Size Penis Enlargement uses a unique 5 Phase program to teach you every possible detail of penis enlargement featuring techniques I personally developed that are not available anywhere else. The Phases on this DVD are extremely organized with sample routines and descriptions and are the Exact Routines used by me to increase my Penis Size from 6" to an amazing 10.5"!


Extreme Quality

The quality of video and sound is like nothing ever experienced in the penis enlargement industry. The penis enlargement video was shot with 3 High Definition cameras to give you 3 different perspectives of comprehension. The sound bites were recorded in a professional studio environment where I walk you through the penis enlargement exercises with clear voice explanation.


Remember that I am not only your host I am also an active participant in this penis enlargement program. With purchase of this DVD, you also get access to one on one consultation with me via email to make special routines to meet your specific needs. The DLD penis enlargement exercises have been made famous the world over and used successfully by thousands of men. Purchasing this DVD will unleash the biggest kept Secrets of Penis Enlargement.

 With the world famous DLD Phased workouts you'll rapidly increase your penis size the DLD Wway ...Safe, Effective, Natural and Guaranteed.

Learn All The Secrets

This DVD will not only give you a longer, thicker penis but it will also address vast male sexual issues including lasting as long as you want in bed and never experience premature ejaculation again. You will achieve harder erections with an increase in ejaculatory volume.


Privacy and Comfort-
Finally, high quality digital video that can be accessed from your TV in the comfort of your living room or bedroom. This DVD is also the perfect travel companion allowing you to take the most extensive penis enlargement program anywhere. 

By having the Matters of Size DVD, you will no longer have to tie up the Family Computer waiting for long Internet downloads to get web quality video. Simply use this interactive DVD with any DVD Player to simply begin your Penis Enlargement Session


How Does it Work?

Penis Enlargement is not that complicated to understand. I learned about penis enlargement through a wonderful mentor. He described this process in the simplest terms: The penis' main function is to enlarge, this process happens when we get an erection. Enlarging this organ that has a main function to enlarge is not as complicated as it may appear.

Penis enlargement has been around for a very long time but it is a secret that most men keep to themselves. I am sure you have seen all sorts of advertisements on line and in magazines promoting programs, pills and machines to aid in penis enlargement. This information seems incredible and not possible. I felt the same way, a complete skeptic that needed proof. I needed personal proof and I set out to test the information I found online. After a short period of time doing some of the free exercises found online I got all the proof I needed. My 6.5" penis was now 8.5" and thicker!

This is when I set out to improve on the information I was taught. I spent much time designing new and innovative techniques to accomplish what most people thought impossible. The exercises found on this DVD are different than anything else out there and are geared for comfort, speed and results.


Your Host DLD

A name you know and trust. This DVD is hosted by world renowned, enlargement expert DLD. Working with 1000's of men all over the world, DLD has helped them reach penis sizes they never imagined possible. If you calculate all the Men DLD has helped increase penis size you would have hundreds of new feet of Penis in this world.

DLD will teach you to master your male sexuality. You will learn the secrets of female multiple orgasm and how to be the best lover you can. You will learn how to correct a bent penis and regain straight erections. You will gain access to libraries of information on everything from diet to dating tips. If it concerns the penis it is in here!

Your Penis Enlargement Bible

Included Inside Your New MoS DVD is the MoS Penis Enlargement Paperback loaded with all the Secrets, Tips and Tricks to Penis Enlargement in a Paperback. Besides getting all this, you will also get detailed Phased routines that are identical to the program on the DVD. This paperback is a must have when no TV or Computer is available.


The DLD Difference

The Matters of Size DVD offers new and innovative ideas that build on tried and true techniques developed by DoubleLongDaddy (DLD). My program focuses on working smarter to maximize your gains.


In the penis enlargement community there is a misconception that it takes a lot of time to accomplish any type of results. This was something I was not going to believe. In my first few months of penis enlargement I took the basic, tried and true techniques and made them better by using my own methods.


My first year gains of 4+" became the stepping stone for the Matters of Size program. Once I reworked the basic exercises and developed my own unique programs I was able to maximize my gains in a reasonable amount of time. Since then, I have helped many men realize their goals in a quick period of time.


My program uses no drugs and no equipment so there are no additional costs for you beyond this DVD. Remember, the DLD Exercises for Penis Enlargement can only be found here in this Matters of Size DVD.


Special Features

This DVD is the Holy Grail of Penis Enlargement, DLD walks you through step by step instruction to over 100 different exercises and secrets. All organized into individual routines making Penis Enlargement Fool Proof. Special features also include interviews with DLD, Never Before Released Bonus exercises, Easy to Navigate Animated Menus, Special Sexual Sections featuring Karma Sutra, Male Multiple Orgasm, Sexual Staying Power along with many others hot sexual topics.


Size It All Up

The Matters of Size DVD Gives You...


Longer, Thicker & Healthier Penis 

You decide how big you want to become in my penis enlargement program!


High Quality Digital Video

Every Exercise shot in High Definition Digital Video featuring all the DLD Penis Enlargement moves performed in multi-angle format to give you the best possible view.

DLD walks you through each Exercise as he Performs it to let you know what you should be experiencing as your doing it.


Unique 5 Phase PE Program

The secret sauce as some call it. This unique easy to follow phase-by-phase penis enlargement instruction takes all the guesswork and confusion out of penis enlargement.


More Powerful Erections

Develop steel pipe erections no matter your age with my penis enlargement program!


Bigger Balls

Awesome testicle exercise geared to increase ejaculation and testicle size with my penis enlargement program.


Penis Enlargement Glossary

Every penis enlargement term is laid out in an easy to follow penis enlargement glossary to explain everything you read.


Increased Sexual Stamina

Go longer during sex with information on supplements to aid in this with my penis enlargement program.


One on One Consultation with Penis Enlargement Guru DLD

These consultations will be available via phone, email or online chat. Sometimes the in penis enlargement the one on one approach is priceless.


New Explosive Penis Enlargement Exercises never available before

Matters of Size Penis Enlargement features penis enlargement exercises not available anywhere. Matters of Size Penis Enlargement features penis enlargement exercises developed by DLD exclusively.


Penis Enlargement Diet and Supplement Section

This section contains the latest information available about diet, supplements and how they effect penis enlargement and your sex life.


Men’s Health Issues

This section will bring you all the newest information on Male health issues as it becomes available and how it relates to penis enlargement.


Increased Head Size

My program penis enlargement exercise is geared to maximize head size to give the highly desired mushroom look.


Impotence Hope

My program includes physical and mental method to help with this issue.


End Premature Ejaculation

A special section dedicated to lasting longer with proven penis enlargement techniques.


Sex Secrets

Learn the sex secrets of multiple orgasms, lasting for hours, remaining erect after orgasm and many other insider secrets.


Correct Peyronies Disease / Curved Penis with MoS 

Special section dedicated exclusively to Peyronies Disease and penis enlargement. Browse the exercises DLD has developed to correct this disorder.


DLD’s World Famous 10 Minute Penis Enlargement Workout

For those looking for quick penis enlargement gains with little time.


The DLD Promise

These are proven methods that are guaranteed to deliver incredible girth and length gains quickly and safely. Our promise to you is you make gains or we refund your money and the PE manual is yours to keep.


Obviously the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement DVD is anything but typical. You will carry your Matters of Size Penis Enlargement DVD with pride knowing you made the best possible decision.


Don't Miss out on this great Opportunity to own the Worlds First & Only Penis Enlargement DVD by Matters of Size for $49.95 (Regularly $59.95)

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